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Benefits of our Water Cooler and Filtration Systems ............


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Welcome to Rainclear

Rainclear specialises in the supply of filtration and water cooler products for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Application.


Newater supplies labwater filtration solutions to businesses across Brisbane, South East Qld and Au`stralia.

Visit Newater for more information.
Trusted Supplier
Newater is a trusted supplier of one of the largest laboratory networks in Australia
Multiple Industries
Newater supplies a large client base spanning multiple industries
Customised Solutions
Newater can provide customised equipment and services to cater for any requirements

Water Coolers

Rainclear offers both Bottle Style and Mains Connected
Coolers. They are available for purchase or to rent. To see
more about the benefits of renting Rainclear coolers...

Rental Water Coolers

Cartridge Filtration

Water Coolers

Rainclear has a wide range of Water Coolers available to suit your needs ......



Rainclear has a filtration solution to suit your needs ........


Why Rent?

  • No capital outlay
  • No expensive installation setup
  • Program mantanence included
  • Modify to your changing requirements
  • Tax deductible
  • Fixed annual running cost

Benefits of Renting our
Water Cooler and Filtration Systems ....

Rental Systems

  • Installation carried out by Rainclear.
  • No Maintenance
  • Filter cartridges replaced by Rainclear at no additional cost
  • Tax deductible (when used in business applications).
  • No capital outlay.
  • Installation carried out by Rainclear.

Buying Bottled