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Bottle Filter


  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Simple filter cartridges
  • Convenient alternative to bottle water
  • Filtration system contains natural sediments

Filter Bottle

An inexpensive filtration system which allows you to enjoy clean, pure filtered drinking water with the convenience of a bottle water cooler.

Float Assembly

The slim line float assembly at the base makes the filter bottle compatible with the B Series Bottle Water Coolers.

Filtration Components

The filter is composed of an activate carbon block, coralite and a ceramic dome, each stage containing natural sediments and minerals designed to reduce impurities in the water inlcuding chlorine, odour rust, microbes, and many others.

Filtration Parametres

  • Activate Carbon - .03mm
  • Coralite - 20-40mm
  • Mineralisation - Release microelement
  • Ceramic Dome - Mircon rating 10-55 microns

Filtration Capacity

The filter is certified for usage of 2000 Litres between filter replacement

Bottle Capacity

The filter bottle is able to hold up to 8 litres of water.


  • Width - 315mm
  • Depth - 315mm
  • Height - 340mm


  • Gross - 3kg
  • Net - 2.3kg


Purifier Bottle

Purifier Bottle with Dispenser