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Carbon Cartridges

F-CB-01-10S Carbon block cartridge 1 micron with large surface area and tortuos paths for the water, thus providing a high capacity of organic chemical and free chlorine removal. Silver impregnated to inhibit bacterial growth. Suits 250mm (10") housing.

F-CB-005-10, F-CB-01-10, F-CB-05-10 are dual action .05, 1 and 5 micron cartridge with inner core of extruded carbon block and outer layer of polypropylene spun fibres. Suits 250mm (10") housing.

F-INLINE-100 Carbon granular activated in-line filter which reduces taste, odour, colour & chlorine.

F-INLINE-500 Carbon granular activated polyphosphate in-line filter. Reduces taste, colour, odour, chlorine & scaling.