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Sink Filters


Counter Top Filter

Undersink Filter



The choice allows an economical counter top version or the more permanent under sink system. Within each category there are various styles - common to all is that every unit is constructed of sturdy polypropylene and incorporate top Seal "O" Rings and top Rainclear carbon filters. All of these systems are reliable and effective in removing objectable taste, sediment, chlorine and discolouration from your water supply.

These superb units are ideal for residential and office use - being compact, lightweight, and if necessary, portable.

Counter Top Filtration

Product Code H-CTMD-System
Description Carbon Block dual purpose
Connection A.B.S. threaded diverter value
Max. Pressure 690kPa
Max. Temperature 52ºC
Flow Rate 4.5 lpm
Spanner optional
Dimensions 315mm x 115mm

Under Sink Filtration

Is available in two filtration choices for effective chemical removal:

The H-CPS2  which features twin housings mounted on bracket including filter cartridges, carbon block and sediment, and chrome faucet, provides a most effective two step filtration using standard 250mm (10") cartridges. System comes complete with necessary major plumbing fittings.    

The H-CPS1  uses a dual action carbon block filtration method which effectively removes dangerous chemicals from drinking water. Ideal in areas with restrictive space. System comes complete with necessary major plumbing fittings.

Product Code H-CPS2 H-CPSI
description two stage separate cartridges dual action single cartridge
connection hard plumbed in hard plumbed in
max. pressure 350kPa 350kPa
max. temperature 52ºC 52ºC
flow rate 4.5 lpm 4.5 lpm
bracket supplied supplied
spanner supplied supplied
dimensions 380 mm x 230 mm 380 mm x 115 m