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M Series

M Series Mains Connected Water Coolers


  • Free Standing Drinking Fountain
  • M2, M4 & M10 Bubbler only
  • M3, M5 & M11 Bubbler and glass filler
  • Optional stainless steel cabinets
  • Optional internal filters
  • Robust construction
  • Reliable performance

Water Reservoir

A 1.5 litre tank is incorporated within the chilling chamber to meet peak use periods. The tank is fabricated from seamless hard drawn copper, tin plated for your safety. The chilling capacity during peak periods:
  • M2/M3 10 l.p.h
  • M4/M5 19 l.p.h.
  • M10, M11 26 l.p.h.


M2/M3 use 250 gms each pf refrigerant R134A, M4, M5 use 190 gms each of refrigerant R134A / M10, M11 use 127gms each of refrigerant R22 which is non-toxic and non-flammable. Refrigerant flow is controlled by a capillary tube which has no moving parts. The system is fitted within the suction line to give maximum heat exchange efficiency.

Water Flow Control

The bubbler is rated to supply 1.7 l.p.m at any mains water pressure between 140 and 700kPa. An automatic, self-regulating control is fitted to overcome the problem of varying mains pressure.

Water Connections

•Water inlet - 1/2" female B.S.P.
•Drain - 40mm F.P.V.C. pipe

Temperature Control

The thermostat is factory pre-set.


•M2/M3 - 1/8 h.p. capacity 138watts
•M4/M5 - 1/5 h.p. capacity 230watts
•M10/M11 - 1/4 h.p. capacity 430watts


Copper tube and expanded aluminium fin.


240 volts, 50Hz. A 2 metre house cable and 3 pin plug is supplied.

Performance to ARI 1010-94 Standard

•Inlet water - 26.7°C
•Outlet water - 10°C
•Ambient Air - 32.2°C

Weight - Packed

  • M2/M3 - 26kg
  • M4/M5 - 28kg
  • M10/M11 -30kg


•Width - 350mm
•Depth - 350mm
•Height - 1100mm


Twelve months manufacturers warranty.

with Glass Filler

Bubbler Only