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UB Series

UB Series Under Bench Water Coolers

Under Bench Style



  • Under Bench Water Cooler
  • Ideal for Kitchen Cupboards
  • Fully Automatic
  • Robust Contruction

Water Reservoir

The C-UB1 has a 0.8 litre tank which produces 8 l.p.h during peak periods.  The tank is made from hard drawn, seamless copper which is tine plated.


The unit used R134a refrigerant gas which is non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally friendly.  The refrigerant flow is onctolled by a capillary tube, which has no moving parts.  A suction line is fitted to provide maximum heat exchange.

Water Connections (Provided)

Water Inlet - 6.2mm OD Tube.
Water Outlet - 6.2mm OD Tube.


1/8 hp nominal capacity

Thermostat Control

Thermostat is factory pre-set.

Performance to ARI 1010-94 Standard

  • Water Inlet - 26.7°C
  • Water Outlet - 10°C
  • Ambient Air - 32.2°C


240 volts, 50Hz power supply, fitted iwth a 2 metre cable and 3 pin plug.

Weight - Packed

C-UB1 - 15Kg


  • Width - 315mm
  • Depth - 415mm
  • Height - 365mm

Note:  It is recommended that the C-UB1 be vented to allow air flow over the compressor.